Yamaha G-235 Ii Classical Guitar With Great Fretjob

 173311105838888210 Yamaha G 235 Ii Classical Guitar With Great Fretjob

The guitar:
   This Taiwanese Yamaha, c.1980, came to us in a lot of instruments that we accepted as trade for one of ours.  It is not a great sounding guitar:  overbuilt, plywood top, heavy finish.  However, the guitar is in excellent shape and has a respectable plywood sound, so we deemed it nice enough for a fretjob and new bone nut and saddle in hopes that it would find its way to a serious player in need of an inexpensive instrument.  The playability is flawless.  A retail fretjob in our shop costs $575. 
Action adjustments can be made to a specified height for $50 to $85, depending on if it is required to make a new saddle.  No other repairs are needed.

Action:  3-2.5mm (bass-treble)Upper Bout:  280mmWaist:  237mmSound hole:  86mmLower bout:  369mmString spacing at nut:  42mmString spacing at saddle:  58.5mm Scale length:  650mm
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A short description of why this and our other instruments are up for sale at this time:
    An apprentice is always looking for ways to keep paying his own bills while he learns and slowly becomes more valuable to his teacher.  Such is the case at Vizcarra Guitars where I have been a student for the passed three years.  I am 29, have a wife and baby, and I am doing the eBay leg work to try to make a little extra in the resale business.     Vizcarra
Guitars is three man guitar shop in Santa Fe, NM.  We offer  full
service repairs and restorations, and we are currently taking orders for original
instruments.  Our reputation is for quality.  We will service any of the instruments we are selling at a 10% discount off our retail price at the same high standard for quality that our local customers expect. 
    These instruments are either owned by the shop or conisgnments for customers.  To protect the shop's reputation the boss is letting me sell these instruments for a commission under the condition that my listings are completely honest even if it is detrimental to the sale.  We have been burned on eBay in the past--even on some of the instruments that I will be reselling--so aside from protecting the shop's reputation we simply don't want anyone be disappointed or to to feel cheated.    All of our listings are honest descriptions by guitar experts of the condition, quality, and necessary repairs of each instrument.  The auction price is the as-is price; repair costs are additional and quoted in the description.

  • We will string the instrument with the brand and string tension of your choice, subject to availability.  
  • You can always expect a clean, well polished instrument with oiled gears and fingerboard.
  • Some pictures of original Vizcarra Guitars can be found at:
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