Benito Huipe Flamenco Negra/classical Guitar 2006

 238621805838271080 Benito Huipe Flamenco Negra/classical Guitar 2006

The date on the guitar’s label is July 4,  2006.  Specs - spruce top, Mexican rosewood back and sides, 655 mm scale length, 54mm nut width, string spacing on the nut is 46mm and on the saddle 60mm.   I took these measurements with a cloth measuring tape so although very close, they could be slightly off.

Benito Huipe is a luthier who used to live in Los Angeles and now lives in Paracho, Mexico unless things have changed.  His fine instruments are usually on backorder and he is considered one of the best builders in Paracho.   More information is available on the web.  There is a video available “Classical and Flamenco Guitarmaking with Benito Huipe:,+Ronald+Louis+Fernandez                        

The beautifully figured palo escrito  - Mexican Rosewood - back and sides of this guitar is quite special.  The guitar has some normal playing wear but it is very slight and hardly visible.  There are a few small, minor dents in the finish just below the tie block which can be seen in the bridge photo.    Also some very faint scratches on the top and back are visible in certain light.  But overall,  I will say that this guitar is in great condition cosmetically and there are no cracks or any structural problems at all.

 Although this is a flamenco negra, the sound is not the dry, raspy and short sustain that some players might be seeking.  The guitar’s feel is responsive, with plenty of volume and a punchy character but the sound is warmer than other flamenco guitars that I have owned.  The trebles are bright and clear but have some body.  The basses are focused and full enough for many styles of music and also have that throaty flamenco quality when the flamenco pulgar/alzapua thumb technique is used.   In my opinion, this guitar is most suitable for the guitarist who plays a variety of music styles.  It sounds very nice when playing classical guitar pieces,  has a sweetness to it when playing that way but can also sound very punchy and quick when you want.  The notes and over all balance is very even.

 The current playing action is more like comfortable classical guitar height than low flamenco action.  This allows for maximum volume and dynamics without buzz for many styles of music.  When measuring from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the string, the action on the 1st and 6th string is 3.5 mm using my cloth measuring tape.  This action could possibly be dropped slightly but the saddle is already low to the bridge so any significant adjustment to lower the action would require bridge work.  

The only reason I am selling this guitar is to raise money for a higher end instrument that I will be buying soon.   In over 3 decades, I have had the experience of owning many fine guitars but in order to afford them I always need to sell one or two from my collection when buying a new expensive guitar.   So yes, it is always sad to let ago of fine instruments but then there is the excitement of exploring a new guitar! 

A used hardshell case will be included with the purchase and since I live in Hawaii, I am charging $50 for shipping via either UPS or Fedex 2nd day air within the USA.  I estimate this is less than half of what it will actually cost to ship the guitar, depending on the buyer’s location.

Please email me with any questions you have.   If you are seriously interested and want to talk on the phone then we can set up an appointment via email.   I will also be happy to email a few of the high resolution photos to serious potential buyers - just ask me which photo you want - they are huge files so would probably be best to mail one at a time.  Because of the time involved and the shipping expense from Hawaii, unless buyer is local, no returns will be accepted.  I have done my best to describe the guitar as accurately as possible and am hiding nothing.  Please communicate with me about any concerns before you buy.   I am an honest real working guitarist on Maui, Hawaii and you can find my web site by searching my name:  vance koenig

Thanks and Aloha, vance

 238621805838271081 Benito Huipe Flamenco Negra/classical Guitar 2006

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