1962 Guild Mark I Classical Acoustic Guitar Mk1 Mark 1

 209311805712271250 1962 Guild Mark I Classical Acoustic Guitar  Mk1 Mark 1

1962 Guild Mark I Classical Guitar
***All Solid Honduras Mahogany! Lowest Serial Number Mark I’ve Ever Seen!!***

***Natural finish!! Built Before Guild Started Red Staining the Mark Series!!***

Before I describe my guitar let me tell you what it IS NOT. It is not from an Estate Sale, nor is it being offered to you by an antique dealer as a thrift store find. Too many instruments seem to be up for auction these days from people who have no clue how it really sounds thrown up for bids wearing 20 year old strings, with the insistence it’s beautiful to look at and “must be high quality”.

This guitar is from my personal collection of vintage guitars. Hopefully whether you are a beginner or a pro, I will answer all your questions. If you’re a beginner print this auction and take it to someone you trust for their opinion.

You may already be familiar with Guild guitars, but not as many people are familiar with the Mark series of nylon strung models. Made from 1961-1987 the Guild Mark models we’re one of the most impressive range of classical guitars ever made in America.

Unlike other American builders, Guild understood the need for lightness in the bracing and the body, in order to get the maximum sound from nylon strings. Compared to Gibson’s and Martin’s these instruments virtually float off your lap.

Here's a quick look in side the top of the guitar as seen in a mirror. Look how expertly the braces are hand formed. Also note the old wheat label inside the guitar that pre-dates the guitar outline style label.

Over the 9 years of production, the Mark I model underwent no changes in brochure description. In reality they gained a little weight and acquired the dark red stained appearance that most of the other Guild Mark guitars shared. You can tell the red stained models which appeared around mid 1963, as the Maple stripe on the back of the neck on appears red rather than natural. As for the weight gain I think it was in part because these models were the very first guitars to be built (late in 1966) to the then new Westerly, RI facility. As a bit of trivia, they decided to switch production of these models first because they were easy to build with no bindings and the Satin finish required no buffing so it was a forgiving process.

The Mark I was completely built with Honduras Mahogany- neck, back and sides. The fretboard is Brazilian Rosewood as is the bridge. The nut and saddle are made from bone.


Guild Mark I

Year: 1962
00-size, 14-1/2" body
Satin Finish
Solid Honduras Mahogany Top
Solid Honduras Mahogany Back and Sides
3-piece Honduras Mahogany Neck w/ Maple Inlay
Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard with Side Dot Markers
Brazilian Rosewood Bridge
25 1/2” scale, 2" nut width
Action at the 12th fret 3.1mm
New LaBella “2001” Medium Tension Strings
S/N: 18755


Here are a few sample pictures with a total of 21 at the bottom

This guitar is 48 years old. It is well used, but I would have to say the condition is reasonable for the age. There are plenty of nicks and dings all along the edges, as well as finish wear on the unbound edges of the body and at the curves of the upper bout. There is one short repaired back crack which is pictured. It was from age/dryness rather than any impact and was glued and clamped before it could grow. It's pretty minor.

The bridge is secure, and the tuners are original. I am positive the bridge was reset at some point. If you look across the top at an angle you can see light tooling /sanding marks around the bridge indicating some type of work must have been done. If the marks are sanding marks I would suspect the top may have been oversprayed at that time. If that’s the case it would have had to be quite a long time ago as it’s aged perfectly and there is some finish wear from fingernails below the sound hole. Both the bridge and the top are arrow straight with no gap at all to the top. The action is set at 3.1mm@12th fret or the center of the range for a classical guitar.

Just look at the pictures as they tell the story better then words.
Sound, Strings and Build Quality:

I believe the sound quality to be excellent on this guitar, not just based on my auditioning but rather on several quantifiable factors:

This guitar is possibly the lightest classical you have ever held. Even though Guild kept excessive bracing and top thickness down throughout the Mark Series, this guitar is exceptionally light weight. The big E string causes the entire body to reverberate and the difference compared to other classical guitars is notable when it’s sitting in your lap.

A word about the finish. The guitar is Satin throughout. Any guitar builder will tell you that too thick a finish will kill the sound. When a gloss finish is used it must be applied with enough volume of material or it would be neither glossy nor protective. Hand applied “French Polish” is glossy and allows excellent sound quality but is so delicate that the oil of your skin can attack it. Guild went with a known excellent choice, which is Satin. A Satin finish does not need to be thick to be protective because it requires no buffing step in production. Buffing removes material, and most glossy guitars have various finish thicknesses throughout the body due to this process, causing possible sonic issues.

All woods on this guitar are solid. Honduras Mahogany has long been the most premium choice of Mahogany, but in today’s world it’s too costly for the price point that Mahogany guitars occupy outside of low production specialty models.

The strings are brand new Medium tension LaBella 2001's.

Maybe you can play better then I can (that would be easy), or maybe worse, but here is a clip I hope illustrates that the instrument is very willing if you’re good enough. If you don’t have a high speed connection you may want to visit someone who does, this will take a while with dial up.

CLICK HERE for the Video Clip

I just purchased a high quality digital recorder that can record 96khz files and reduce to .mp3’s. In addition to the video clip above please click on the audio clip below. It give you a much better example of how the guitar actually sounds then the video.

CLICK HERE for the Audio Clip

Now that you’ve heard it I hope some of the tone comes through

If you want a distinctive professional instrument with no surprises you may have found your auction. Good Luck and Thank You for looking.

Buyer is to pay $45 for fully insured shipping within the contiguous USA I will ship inside a dedicated box for guitar shipping. I make no money on your shipping and don’t buy from those that do. I accept Pay Pal or MO's. Thank You and Good Luck!!!

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